Setia Sky Ville 1

Setia Sky Ville 1

Urban Modern

Project Area: 1036sf

Space: 3-Rooms Condominium

Project Type: Design & Build

Location: George Town, Penang

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Welcome to our Penang interior design portfolio, where we’re excited to showcase one of our recent projects. In this particular endeavor, our mission was to transform our client’s vision of a modern-style home into a tranquil and organized living space in Penang.
To achieve this vision, we employed a carefully curated gray color palette, ensuring that every shade exuded sophistication and tranquility. Starting right at the entrance, we introduced smart storage solutions that seamlessly blended into the design, promoting functionality without compromising on aesthetics.
The open-concept layout was a central element of our design, allowing us to create an interconnected living space while maintaining a sense of separation. We achieved this by incorporating subtle ceiling detailing that defined distinct areas, fostering a harmonious flow throughout the home.
The living room, one of the project’s highlights, features an artistically textured cement TV wall that serves as a captivating focal point, embodying modern sophistication. Additionally, we integrated glass displays to curate a sleek and contemporary lifestyle tableau. Adjacent to the living area, the open dining space boasts a chic marble round table, promoting togetherness during meals and gatherings.
Understanding our clients’ work requirements, we converted one of the bedrooms into a versatile home office, complete with a comfortable window bay seating area, offering breathtaking views and a perfect spot for a rejuvenating break. This space easily transforms into a guest room for family visits.
Another bedroom, adorned with soft, light tones, was transformed into a multifunctional space, serving as a guest room with a raised tatami platform or a serene yoga retreat for relaxation and self-care.
The sleeping area introduced a contrast to the overall design with its darker-toned bedhead, echoing the contrast found in the living space. Dark gray curtains and a wooden back wall were added to create a restful atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and achieving tranquility, with subtle indirect lighting to enhance the ambiance.
At our Penang interior design firm, we take pride in our commitment to creating spaces that harmoniously blend aesthetics, functionality, and our clients’ unique visions. If you’re looking for Penang interior design services for your own project, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Your dream space is just a message away.
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