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Teak Specialist

Experience teak wood - a classy and long lasting wood species that will never go out of style and extremely durable.


King-Koil Corner

Shop your favourite King Koil mattress here, let us guide you to a good night sleep with the correct and reputable King Koil mattress.


Wood Is Good

Showcasing mostly wood furniture in our showroom, where we find wood is always timeless in style.


These are the collections available in store.

Teak Sofa
Teak Side Table
Teak Coffee Table
Teak TV Console
Rubber Wood TV Console
Elm Wood TV Console
Rose Wood Oriental-Style Sofa
Rose Wood Oriental-Style Coffee Table
Rose Wood Oriental-Style Ming Chair
Marble + Wood Dining Table
Marble + Teak Dining Table
Raintree Wood Dining Table
Rubber Wood Dining Chair
Teak Dining Chair
Teak Buffet Cabinet
Fabric Bedframe
Teak Bedframe
King-Koil Mattress
Teak Study Table
Teak Bookcase
Teak Outdoor Seating
Teak Outdoor Table
Rattan Outdoor Set
Mirror Decor
Table Decor
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